Bedroom Designs That Add Glamor

If you like a touch of glamor in your home, then the best place to evoke it is in the bedroom. Glamorous bedrooms come in many forms and should express your personality. Whether you like to inhabit a fantasy realm or hark back to the golden era of Hollywood, add a touch of glamorous décor to your bedroom to show off this side of yourself.

Wonderland Bedrooms.

Be bold with your designs and color palette. Don’t worry about going too far. Glamorous bedrooms should feel like boudoirs and can be a little over the top, even camp. Ensure that your choice of linen matches your chosen look and keep the room tidy. A glamorous room soon loses the effect if clutter begins to build up.

If some of your interior design ideas are a little out there, the best place to show off the extremes are in the master bedroom of your home. If you have a theme that is evocative of a bygone era or a glamorous part of the world, then don’t hold back and go for it. Add sumptuous rugs with depth and warmth, floor lighting and a four poster bed. Ensure that your color palette is strident and don’t stray away from it.

Sumptuous Headboards.

If a fantasy bedroom is a little too glamorous for your tastes then another good way of achieving the look with a more subtle approach is to change your headboard. A double height headboard is a good starting point. Opt for one that is cushioned and looks as though you could sleep on it if you turned it flat. This look will make your bed appealing in a visual sense. If you want to go for it, turn over an entire wall to a super sized glamor headboard.

Glamorous Lighting.

If you get the lighting right in your bedroom, then the rest of the glamorous look will fall into place. A chandelier fitting is the best one to go for when it comes to a ceiling mounted light. They will add shimmer and sparkle, but back up the glamorous look with a raised plaster stencil, or a rose, where the fitting hangs from the ceiling. Alternatively, hide your light source away and back light the room by shining the fitting on to the ceiling. A pair of large fittings, sat either side of the bed, is another way of creating a glamorous, his and hers, look.

Shimmering Mirrors.

Mirrors add glamor to bedrooms, so don’t miss out with using one in your design. A vintage mirror, with some distress to it, will add to the glamorous appeal of the room’s decor. Cover an entire wall with mirrors for the ultimate glamorous effect. If your budget is more limited, opt for a pair of mirrors and hang them above your headboard.

Work The Space.

Glamor really works well in bedrooms with space to spare. If you have a large bedroom, don’t be tempted to fill the space. Leave plenty of room free and allow the bed to dominate the room, visually. Create a stark color contrast between the bed and the rest of the décor to maximise the effect. If you want to add an occasional chair, then choose a chaise longue to add to the glamorous effect.

Window Walls.

Floor to ceiling glazing looks great in many settings and certainly suits a glamorous bedroom. If you are designing your home from scratch, consider specifying a window wall for the master bedroom, so long as the structure will support one. If you are on the ground floor, it may be possible to open up your glamorous window wall and extend the bedroom’s glamorous appeal outdoors.

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Published by in Interiors, on February 19th, 2013


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