Beautiful Wooden Countertops For The Kitchen

Up until recently, wood was not the best material to use in spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom where the humidity is high and where there’s usually a lot of water. But with the right type of wood and sealer, you now don’t have to worry about a thing and you can enjoy the beauty and warmth brought by wood countertops in the kitchen.

Wood is a very common and very appreciated material is traditional interior design. This kitchen features a thick wooden countertop placed on top of a metal kitchen island with lots of storage space included. It’s an interesting combination of materials, finishes and colors.

Here we also have a traditional kitchen but with a very different design and décor. This kitchen features, besides the wooden countertop, a beautiful wooden floor that features a very similar color and finish. Combines with pale beige walls and furniture sharing a similar color, these elements create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

And just to show how different the interior designs sharing the same style can be, we have selected even more traditional kitchens to show you. This one, for example, features a darker and more dramatic décor. It’s a kitchen almost entirely covered in wood. It has wooden floors and ceiling, wood-paneled walls and wooden furniture. The countertops are also made of wood.

This is a more elegant and simple kitchen. It has a design that’s actually a combination between traditional and modern. The kitchen island has a beautiful base with elegant trimming and details, a simple wooden countertop in a slightly different color and it’s great to be used as a dining table, bar or breakfast or work area as well.

If you’re curious to see how a typical traditional kitchen looks like, this one might be the answer. Even though the appliances are modern, the rest of the décor, including the furniture, is very suggestive for this style. The kitchen island has a very beautiful wooden countertop with an organic shape and beautiful lean lines.

This kitchen is also a nice example of a traditional interior design. As you can see, the wood-paneled ceiling adds warmth to the décor and looks beautiful in combination with the other antique materials and details. The wooden countertop is just another element that helps complete the cohesive and harmonious image.

Of course, traditional kitchens aren’t the only ones that can make a wooden countertop look beautiful. Modern and contemporary kitchen can also accommodate wooden features. This kitchen has an overall simple and neutral décor, with simple and clean lines and subtle decorative details. The wooden countertop is a nice way of creating contrast in the room.

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Published by in Kitchen, on December 17th, 2012


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