Beautiful DIY Woodland Cake Stands

Nature has always represented a source of inspiration for most of our activities. The results that we got made us feel more responsible regarding the natural environment and closer to the natural beauties.

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Here it is another example that will make you feel the same way.There are some beautiful DIY Woodland Cake stands that will create an adorable outdoor décor.For this beautiful DIY project you will need these materials; recycled cans( for the large cake stand you can use a coffee can  and for the small cake stand you can use a standard soup can), slice a tree trunk in various sizes, moss, hot glue/glue gun, industrial strength adhesive(E 6000).

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Begin by cleaning your tree slice and cans with a damp cloth.Starting from the bottom of the can, hot glue your moss pieces all the way around. Try to make sure you cannot see any of the aluminum.

Find the center of the underside of your tree slice. Mark with an “X” for future reference.Place a large dollop of industrial strength adhesive in the center of the bottom of your can. Also, place a thick line of adhesive around the edge of the can. Adhere the can to the center of your tree (where the “X” is). Let dry for at least 24 hours using heavy books to weigh down.{found on thespottedfox}