Beautiful DIY Succulent Book Planters

I guess everybody loves books although the preferences may differ. There are people who love history books, adventure books, romance books, books that treat a certain discipline, dictionaries and this list may become endless.

The idea is that once you enter a house you may find a book or several books that may attract you or even tell you something about the owner of that house in case you do not know him too well.Books are very practical, they do not take you too much space and they reveal you a wonderful world of information. They are also proved to be great companions as they do not bother you too much and help you to pass some moments really easily and fast.

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Perhaps you have never thought that you can transform them in some beautiful DIY Succulent Book Planters once they have got too old and unattractive.

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You will discover that the process is really simple and you only need: some old books, succulents, succulent planting soil, moss, fabric flowers, an exacto knife, Mod Podge, cling wrap.

Now you may start your work drawing a rectangle, the size you would like for your planter. Then you need to cut out a one-two inch deep space using the exacto knife. The space you got needs to be sealed with the Mod Podge and then you have to place a layer of cling wrap in this space and put a layer of planting soil on it. Now you are ready to plant the succulents and add some moss and fabric flowers.{found on whatlaurenloves}