Beautiful DIY Puffy Paint Planters

Sometimes when you have too many flowers you need some more space and many flower pots. If it happens that you cannot buy so many flower pots or you want to do your own original flower pots here it is an idea that might help you.

It is a beautiful DIY Puffy Paint Planter which will add an artistic touch to your surroundings. Its beautiful design will make you proud of your work and you can even think of giving it as a nice present where you can plant a gorgeous flower.Here are the materials you need: a glass vase, a dry erase marker, puffy paint, a steady hand, spray paint.Now you just follow these instructions and your project is done.

Make sure the vase is clean. Use a dry erase marker to draw guide lines for the puffy paint on the vase. The beauty of dry erase vs. permanent marker is that you can wipe it off if you mess up! (Draw the guides on the inside of the vase if possible. Then you can easily remove them later.)Break out your puffy paint and squeeze dots of paint evenly along the marker lines.

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Let the puffy paint dry completely, and then wipe off as much of the dry erase marker lines as possible.Cover your vase with several coats of spray paint and let it dry. Slide a planter liner into the vase.{found on witandwhistle}