Beautiful DIY candle support

This DIY project is very beautiful and it will cheer up your place with a touch of beautiful colors. Thanks Claire from Fellow Fellow for this beutiful project.So,the candles supports are very easy to make but you will need to stay focused throughout the seminar. You will need for this creation: craft glue, small glass jar, small cup, scissors, paint brush, light fabric. Now what we’ll ne is to get started.

First of all you will need to measure the height and circumference of your jar. You can use different types of jars (not necessary little ones). Then you will need to measure the fabric and cut it to fit the jar (approx. 1 cm wide). After you finish with that you will use your little cup to mix glue with water. One part glue and two parts water to be ore exact, then you will take the fabric materials and place them into the mixture, after that get rid of the unnecessary glue.

View in gallery

View in gallery

You will now place the fabric in the jar, with the pattern face up, and  use your brush to get rid of all the bubbles that are stack between the fabric and the jar. After you managed yourself with the first one, do that with the rest of the fabric. That’s it! You will now need some candles and place them inside the jar. The finish will give a beautiful relaxing mood to the interior space and also a great design.