Beautiful Deer in Snow Pillow Cover

A few years ago sending Christmas greeting cards was one of the things that people loved to do. I was fascinated by the multitude of models and images that I could admire on these greeting cards. Sometimes I could not even decide to pick up some models. They were just beautiful and terribly attractive. The snow landscapes, the Santa Claus’ images with his sleigh, sparkling decorated Christmas trees were some of my favorite designs.

Now the things have changed and e-greeting cards appeared but the difficult thing for me is that I cannot find some free time to send them. Although they are more animated and perhaps more colorful I still love the old Christmas cards which brought so much joy.

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If you love all these things and you want to bring inside such an attractive image of an greeting card you may choose this beautiful Deer in Snow Pillow Cover. It will complete your Christmas interior design and will bring more sensibility to your ambiance. The image represents a wintry scene of two does and a snow covered pine reproduced from a 1920s holiday greeting card. Some of its features are: dimension of 20” square, zipper closure, the fact that is imported, made of cotton and perhaps more important its attractive price of € 23.61.

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Posted in Bedding on December 18, 2011

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