Beautiful 19th Century House with a Modern Twist

Classical and elegant have their own colours.The combination of white and black, pure and evil, heaven and hell, ying and yang is the graphical representation of balance.The owner of this property wants to  reveal  an inner side of his.This concept  is transposed in the design elements found in every conner of  the house.On the stairways we find a message that  refers to how simple things are  really the true joy of life.

The place is decorated to meet the creator’s image about modern, clean, functional and last but no least  maybe the most importat feature of this is the warm family environment.Pictures usually personalize the space, giving it  a warm feeling of shelter, of protection .The simple straight lines of the house  landmarks of the Mérésiene brand, created by Sandrine Zigler-Munck are realised through the woodpanelling , white plain uninterrupted walls, square  vintage cabinets, refurbished to blend perfectly  into the interior’s theme.

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The only curved shapes found in the design are part of the  furniture and one drawing on a wall that represents a window  looking into another dimension.Also another  dimension is created by the alternation of white and black floors giving to different rooms a different ambiance.This is in fond a place of contrasts, but not  contrasting with each other.{found on designattractor}