Bathroom Shelves

Bathrooms are meant to be used only a few times a day, but it’s very important to feel comfortable there, especially when you are having a shower or a bath and want to relax and be ready for a new day at work. That is why it would be better to have all the things you need within reach. This aspect is very important and there’s nothing more unpleasant that getting into a hot bubble bath and realizing your shampoo is twelve feet away, in the cabinet that happens to be in the hallway. Not to mention the hysteria if you have small kids and they are waiting for you with the face stuck to the bathroom door. In this case the very simple solution is to place some small, but very useful bathroom shelves.

Of course you must choose the right kind of shelves for your bathroom, but they all should be made of stainless steel, glass or plastic because these are the only materials that are not affected by steam and water, all the other ones deriving from wood suffering all kinds of unpleasant changes in their structure. The place for the shelves can also differ a lot. If your bathroom is large enough you can choose these shelves to be situated on the side of the bathtub and this way everything you need will be within reach.

Then there is the possibility to place these shelves next to the mirror. There are even some special models of mirrors that have some small shelves attached, the design being really creative and useful and you can admire this in the picture. But my favourite bathroom shelves are by far the ones you can place in the corner, right next to the bathtub. You can use these nice-looking polished brass supports ($300-400) that are specially designed for the corner, the  natural fiber corner little baskets or maybe simply some well-cut pieces of glass or transparent thick plastic that fits the corner perfectly, allowing you to deposit there everything you need.

Published by in Bathroom, on February 5th, 2011


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