Banana Boys Bottle Stoppers

When two cultures and civilizations come into contact and the person in the middle knows them pretty well and is able to tell the differences and similarities, there is almost every time a positive outcome out of this. So when the Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni met the Asian culture in Taiwan , he saw it as a huge source of inspiration for his works. And not all the things he designed are work of art. Actually I can say most are very practical things that also look very well. For example these funny Banana Boys Bottle Stoppers remind you of the story with the monkeys that had each one hand over the mouth , eyes and ears.

The little monkeys on top of the bottle stoppers have some Chinese features and this is another hind for the inspiration. And only now do we remember the item’s usefulness: cover the bottles that are only half empty so as to protect its contents. These stoppers are perfect for the wine bottles your guests bring at occasions when you only sip the wine and the bottle is almost intact and you want to save it for later. You can find these items for sale for just $38 from Alessi, their manufacturer.