Bamboo WineTable

It is very nice to have a meal outdoors, even if it is just a picnic or a barbecue. It is simple, but nice and you will enjoy it a great deal. But when you have dinner or lunch in the park or on the beach you lack the comfort of a steady table where to place all the dishes. However, somebody had this great idea of designing a special table for such events, so they created the Bamboo wine table. It is a small table for two, especially designed for outdoors, as it is pretty sharp on one end and you can push it in the ground until it is perfectly balanced.

This table is made of bamboo, so it is very lightweight and you can carry it around easily. But there is one extra feature that makes this table really interesting and desirable: the two holes on the sides of the table that fit a wine glass perfectly. The wholes communicate with the exterior through a narrow opening, large enough for the glass foot. This is perfect for the evening meals on the grass or sand and you don’t have to worry that your wine glasses will spill by mistake. And the price is pretty good , too – $22.

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Posted in Outdoor on August 30, 2011

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