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Learn to Love Your Closet, Big or Small

Closets are as varied as people themselves, I think. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the full-room-sized to the tiny shared wardrobe, and everywhere in between. Closets are so important, though, that they are required for a room to be considered a “bedroom” in real estate listings. Interesting, isn’t it? So, if closets are so important, why do we neglect them? Why do they rarely, if ever, get beautified? How often are our closets organized or cleaned out? Probably, for most of us, not often enough.


How to Paint Vinyl Upholstery

You may have a piece of furniture that you love that has vinyl upholstery that you don’t. Reupholstering pieces can be a lot of work. Good news: You can get a new, fresh look on your vinyl furniture simply by painting the vinyl! I have had a pair of black vinyl barstools for years and, while they weren’t terrible, they were simply too dark for my basement kitchenette. I wanted them lightened and brightened.


15 “Sun”sational Sunroom Ideas For The Off-Season

When I think of sunrooms, I typically imagine a space where the line between indoor/outdoor is blurred, if not nonexistent, and where the pure enjoyment of natural views is a highlight. In my mind’s eye, the sunroom is light, bright, and cheerful with plenty of spring and summer flowers. But the fact is, sunrooms are around for falls and winters as much as they are the other seasons. They can still be enjoyed during these colder months, too, with a few design and decoration considerations.


Timeless Herringbone Pattern in Home Décor

Herringbone” is a pattern with a distinctive “V” shape. It originated as a weaving pattern (think twill fabric), but herringbone has become a hot pattern for a variety of home designs and styles. It slightly differs from chevron in that the herringbone pattern breaks at each section’s reversal, whereas chevron is a continuous zigzag.


How to Build a Headboard – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

A bed hardly seems complete without a headboard. Large or small, simple or ornate, the headboard can really set the tone for the entire bedroom. If you’re ready for a change in headboard, or if you’ve lived without one altogether for far too long, this is a pretty straightforward DIY project that you can have done in an afternoon. The best part about building your own headboard is the fact that you can customize it to fit your space and your style perfectly. Let’s do it.


20 Super Scary Halloween Decorations

It’s getting closer, friends. Halloween, I mean. Are you ready? Have you amped up the scare-factor of your décor this year? If not, I’d recommend it. At least, I’d recommend it if you don’t have young children around to wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares and come screaming into your bedroom. Because that would make for a very long month indeed…


Sponge Painting Basics: 10 Things You Should Know about Sponge Painting

Looking for a fast and easy way to freshen up your space…without breaking the bank? Sometimes a little paint is all that is needed to transform a space. Perhaps you should consider sponge painting as a “new” idea to get that textural look you’re after. Before you get started, though, here are a few things you should know about sponge painting.


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