“Audrey”, the shoe-shaped bathtub

All women are crazy about shopping ans all women are crazy about high heels, so why not combine the two things and get a unique and state of the art … bathtub for your bathroom. This is apparently what the Italian guys from SICIS have thought about when they designed and manufactured a mosaic shoe-shaped bathtub.

And they chose the most ellegant and feminine high heel shoe to imitate for the bathtub, not just an ordinary flat shoe. There are more models for this kind of bathtub, all in different colors and patterns, all with high heel and wonderful floral mosaic embellishing them.

The eintire collection of “shoes ‘ is called Audrey – my guess is that the designers were inspired by Audrey Hepburn who was known to be an iconic figure for fashion, beauty and ellegance. Any way, every model has a number, for example Audrey number 1, 2 or 3. All the bathtubs are extremely good looking and are covered with mosaic on the outside, which makes everything look even more incredible than it already is.

View in gallery

View in gallery

There is a grey model, a sweet purple one, a grey with blue flowers one and so on, all breathtaking and extremely nice, with little bows applied gracefully on the side. And when I see them there’s nothing I would love more than to have a nice warm bath in one of these bathtubs with a glass of shampagne in my hand.