Atomium Floor Lamp from Kundalini

You need light at night both indoors and outdoors and it’s not always the best solution to choose a ceiling lighting like a pendant. Some of the times you would prefer a floor lamp for the diffuse light it casts and for the more relaxed and cosy atmosphere. So many people love floor lamps like this beautiful yet unusual lamp from Kundalini.

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The lamp is called Atomium because it resembles the atom structure as we know it from the Physics books. It has six light sources that are fixed on a steel coil spring and the connection to the power outlet is made through a long electric cord. So you can use it both indoors and outdoors as long as you can reach a power source. It may look unusual, but it brings a touch of modernism and coolness to your bedroom. It was designed by Hopf and Hortman and it can now be purchased for £350.00.