ASTER-IST Rocking Chair for 6 by Nil Gulari

Rocking chairs are those chairs which make you think of a warm afternoon when you try to relax, using this type of chair. Imagine yourself in this type of chair, listening to a soft music, and trying to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

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Nil Gulari, born in Ankara has a different image of this chair. She designed a rocking chair which is more appropriate for public spaces than private spaces. It is perfect for halls, waiting rooms or cafes.

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ASTER-IST is a rocking chair on which six persons can sit .Its beautiful shape of a star or flower will make of it a wonderful, useful and decorative unit. The space will become more colorful and full of life. Here you can meet your friends and enjoy a comfortable place and some nice conversations. Each of you will have your own place to sit and you will be able to see everybody.