Askania Rug from Flor

Rugs are supposed to cover the floor and keep it warm just like a sweater knitted by grandma keeps us warm. The rug works like insulation for the floor, keeping the low temperature out and the high temperature in. It’s funny that I mentioned knitting since this unusual Askania Rug from Flor has a special pattern that looks just like a knitted rug. It is nice and thick, with a fine model and a rich texture. It is made 100% of Pure British Wool face fibers, which confers its softness and makes you feel great when you touch it.

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The rug design is cleverly divided into small squared with different patterns, coming on top of each other, perpendicularly, and looking amazingly geometrical. The rug is perfect for any modern home and looks perfect in your living room, but you can actually use it in any room of your house. It is available in many colours, actually in two different shades of white and two different shades of brown and these colours go with almost any kind of furniture. You can also choose a different size for this rug, and I would recommend considering a perfect grid, which means you can buy grids made of 12 tiles, 30 and 42 tiles. The price starts with $30 per tile.