Aquariums – a forever beautiful decoration for any type of space

Whether you have a small or a big house, a modern or traditional home, there’s always a decoration that would beautiful in it: an aquarium. Aquariums are always fascinating. They’re a small portion of a different world and they’re wonderful opportunities to use your creativity and to decorate them. Aquariums also have a very calming effect. Whenever you need to relax and clear your mind you can just sit on front of your aquariums and watch the dynamic and beauty behind the glass walls.

Modern aquariums are no longer just a glass container sitting on a table. They’ve become a part of the décor and they’re often built into the wall. Of course, you have to decide where you want the aquarium to be placed and what dimensions it should have when you design your home. An aquarium of medium dimensions, integrated into the wall, would look very beautiful in the living room.

Most of the times, watching the dynamics inside the aquarium is like watching TV or even better. Here the association is very clear. The aquarium and TV are placed on the same wall of the living room. Here too the aquarium is built into the wall. And since the aquarium is so relaxing and calming, you could use this in your favor and place it next to the fireplace. This way you can enjoy wonderful moments relaxing in your chair in front of the fireplace and glancing at your aquatic friends. You’d also have two of the elements by your side: fire and water.

You can also make the aquarium the central piece of the living room. A wall-integrated aquarium would be like an ever-changing piece of art. So you can place in the center of a wall and either keep the rest of the wall simple or surround the aquarium with other decorative pieces. Then organize a sitting area in that space and enjoy the beauty.

But integrating the aquarium into the wall is not the only solution there is. In fact, there are others that allow you to enjoy more of the aquarium, not just one side. For example, you can integrate the aquarium into the design of the room-divider. It would divide the spaces but it would also bring them together at the same time. There are lots of ways in which you can use an aquarium so find the solution that best suits your home.

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Published by in Interiors, on October 8th, 2012


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