Apartment or house which is better?

If you have taken the decision to start your family, then it is assured that you would stumble over the question – apartment or house which is better?

It is a very difficult question to answer whether houses are better or apartments. To be very frank, though many people would prefer one over the other for several reasons, it is a matter of taste and preference. In addition, the status and requirements are also known to a contributing role in deciding the better option out of the two choices.

Let us first talk about the house. To be very frank, houses are classier, fancy and impart the owner with pride and prestige.  A house is generally owned, but it can also be rented. The most remarkable feature of a house is that it offers more space and more privacy. The floor, the yard, the roof and the garage are all yours. A house is the perfect accommodation for those individuals that are introvert, and do not appreciate interventions of others. However, a house is known to wear an expensive price tag and the charges for amenities are also going to be high. The utility expenses will be higher and so would be the maintenance charges. If you need to get the lawn mowed, snow removed, furnace repaired, pipes cleaned, etc, it is you who has to hire the workers and bear the charges. In addition, you will be in charge of knowing who is coming and who is going out.

On the other hand, apartments deal with a small area space. Apartments are not known to offer the level of privacy as houses because there are several apartments in a building occupied by varied people. A person has the complete ownership to use the area falling under his floor space at his will and the common area has to be used in accordance to the rules of the building or the community. An apartment is the perfect accommodation for those who love to stay among people. The most remarkable feature of apartment is that the owner is not responsible for fixing anything beyond his area space. It is the landlord or the manager of the community that shall handle and take care of the repairs and maintenance.

To conclude, it can be said that answer to the question depends on your need and personal choice.

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