Antique Calais Chair

We live in a modern society where everything is always in a continuous change.It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the changes and developments, all the technical discoveries etc. Sometimes we get tired of the busy contemporary world and we feel the need to get back in time, even though it’s just our imagination. That’s why some people enjoy vintage items and designs, because they manage to feed the nostalgia for the past.

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One such item is the Calais chair. Its elegant design and antique look create a unique combination and a very special design. The design itself is rather simple, following the standard model. The chair’s silhouette is elegant and somewhat imposing. The Calais chair attempts to remind ourselves that, even though the world we live in now seems normal and natural to us, there was a time when things were different, and not necessarily better or worst but just different.

The Calais chair has a very elegant design. The subtle curved lines of the legs and back add delicacy and sophistication. The piece measures 20” wide x 24” deep x 42” high. The sophisticated and elegant look is increased by the rich upholstery that provides comfort and an eye-catching design. The chair is hand-finished and the subtle antique look is quite unique. The Calais chair can be bought for 222.34 – 356.19 EUR.