Another office chair makeover

It’s time to take a look at another wonderful furniture makeover. In this case, it’s a chair, more exactly an office chair. Initially it looked old, damaged and it didn’t even have any upholstery. It was a disaster and not a lot of people would have chosen to bring it back to life. The project was quite complicated but we’re only going to focus on the easy and important parts.

In order to be able to save and transform the chair, it first had to be disassembled. The frame was fixed and each element was cleaned and repainted. The frame of the chair was painted black in order to match the décor and the other elements from the room. Also, black is a neutral color that basically matches everything and it’s easy to integrate anywhere. It’s also an elegant color. When the frame was ready, it was time to upholster the chair.

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For the upholstery, the chair’s owner opted for a red, white and blue fabric. It adds a rustic and traditional touch to the chair and it makes it seem cozier. The chair now brings some color into the room. It also adds warmth to the décor. From what we can see from the picture, it also matched the rug so it was a way of creating a uniform design. You can use this example as inspiration and then start your own project. You can basically use any old chair and you can opt for any color or type of fabric you wish.{found on hth}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on March 24, 2012

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