An Old Dresser Got a Modern Upgrade

Painting wooden furniture is a task very common nowadays. People use this technique in order to restore an old piece or to spruce it up and give it some flavor. If you have a piece of furniture that you think has no longer value and you want to throw it away, then you should probably think twice because a fresh coat of paint can do miracles.

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Today we would like to show you a mid-century piece that with a new paint job looks very interesting. In this case the dresser looked old and was a traditional item that couldn’t be integrated well in any space. Now, after it gained a much needed upgrade, the same piece looks better, modern and can be easily integrated in your current design.

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The first thing that was done was the cleaning of the dust and cobwebs from inside. The next step was to sand the surface that had a kind of veneer top layer that had to be removed. Once it was all removed, they gave it a quick wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of any accumulated dust. Then two layers pf primer were applied before they put on the first coat of paint.

As you can see, an old piece can become a new one with a little effort. I think it is worth it, don’t you agree?{found on curbly}