An inviting painted sun room

We all dream at one point to have our own place, a “room of one’s own”, where everything is according to our taste, style and personality. This is the place where we feel at ease, more than anywhere else, as it is our universe and it represents us. The room in the picture is a perfect example of a space that does not need anything else and even if it was not designed according to my taste, I would definitely like to live in such a place or to have one.

Taking into account that it is the work of Young House Love, the style and the personal touches throughout the house can just fit into the pattern. Just a few words to sum up the entire concept would be an airy, light-filled sunroom, an appropriate expression of perfection. Among the elements that give charm to the entire space there are the breezy curtains, the cozy furniture and the patterned floor; there is not much, but it the essence and this essence has it all in order to reveal the most inviting painted sun room.

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The wide glass windows provide an ideal view over a beautiful landscape; the white furniture suggests simplicity and elegance at the same time and contributes to one of the most comfortable atmospheres. The patterned floor in the same tones with other details, the pillows and the decorative objects give an enchanting air to the entire space and make it cozy and inviting.