Amala Peony Rug

Flowers are beautiful and I like them in nature or in the pictures, in every way and anywhere. I think they are God’s gift to Earth. He wanted us, people, to see just how beautiful our home is and He gave us flowers to make the house or fields look better and nicer. I normally prefer flowers to be planted and grown in the garden because this is their natural environment, but I don’t mind their presence in my home, too. That is why I love all floral patterns, all the objects with flowers on them like this great Amala Peony Rug.

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It is kind of interesting, as its background is white (pretty unusual for carpets, as it gets dirty easily), but the floral pattern is sweet. The flowers are dahlias and they have different colours – red and yellow or lemon and peony as they are called by designers, all of them painted vividly in strong hues. The rug is available in two sizes – 63×102″  and 79×118″ , so the price will vary from $1,300 to $1,850 . Any way, this rug is beautiful and thick, nice to touch, so it would be great for any room in your house, especially in the girls’ room since they are the ones in love with all the flowers.