Aki Table & Chair by Alfredo Häberli for Fredericia

It looks maybe a little unstable as it stands there in all its simplicity, but the designer Alfredo Häberli guarantees that  Aki chairs are both stable and comfortable to sit on. The legs, which almost turned 90 degrees, move more in the visual expression than by stability and the narrow pieces of wood that define the carrier’s backbone, is flanked by soft and comfortable padding.

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This chair and table have a similar design with the wooden frame standing out from the seat cushion and looking just like a wooden backbone for the chair. Actually the chromatic combination between the beige of the bare wood and the black of the chair back rest and seating or the table top is great.

Another interesting feature of the chair is the unusual position of the chair legs. Since the seat is already split in two by the wooden line, it continues downwards with the chair leg. So the other leg will be position opposite this one, in the front part of the chair and the other two legs on the sides. It may seem out of the ordinary but it is actually pretty stable.