Add some spark to your life with the new Phosphorescent Swimming Pool

Swimming at night is a very different feeling than the one you get by swimming during the day. There’s something magical about it. You get to see the sky and the stars and you also get a sense of … privacy. The experience would be even more incredible without the usual lights. And since swimming in the dark is not such a good idea, this new creation is just perfect.

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The phosphorescent pool is an innovation that will certainly change your swimming experience. It consists of a phosphorescent coating known as “gel coat” that covers the surface of the basin.

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It is a an eco – friendly solution because the coating actually retains solar radiation during the day and then releases it at night as a source of light. You also have the option of using the lighting system only in specific areas of the pool. Indulge yourself with this innovative creation from Atmosphere Piscines.