Add luxury to your house with French windows

To make a home look attractive and decorative, creativity and idea is needed while choosing each item be it furniture, decorative accessories, curtains, doors and even windows. Home is a place where you can forget your official tension and relax after the day’s hard and hectic schedule. In a cold winter evening, after returning from office, get fresh, sit in front of the fireplace and have coffee with your spouse.

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The warmth from the chimney and hot coffee will wipe away all your tensions and relax your muscles. I bet nothing can be more relaxing than this. This pleasure will double when your home has a very cozy and luxurious look. To add luxury without huge investment French windows are a good choice.

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French windows are generally bigger in size as compared to the other types. Typically, French window is a door fitted with panes of glass. When it comes to giving maximum sunlight and ventilation, French windows tops the list. White color best suits French windows. Though of course the selection of color depends on you, but when it comes to French windows it is better to select white or cream color. No other color can stand in comparison to it.  You can go for either clear glass or the frosted glass. When fitted in the outer walls it makes your home look very pretty from outside. During daytime your house will get enough of sunlight and fresh air and after dark, due to the glasses it will appear as if your home is glowing from inside.

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A French window adds a very unique beauty and elegance to your home. Highlight the windows with beautiful curtains. You can even give a airy touch with lace curtains to make it look even more luxurious. Another way is to add drapes. Since French windows are light in color like white, cream, so go for dark color curtains. Coffee, maroon, brown are some of the color that will complement the window.

Also, if you are placing any furniture infront of the window then make sure that it also has a dark color. This will make the windows more prominent. Instead of short curtains use long floor touching ones. These windows are excellent way of transforming even a small apartment into a luxurious one. It not only helps in decorating the house but also serves as a single leaf door, double leaf door, sliding door or folding door. Moreover, it allows sufficient fresh air and light in the house.