Abali Gran Sultanato Hotel in Sicily – Italy

If you ever want to travel in the amazing world of the 1001 Arabian nights, you don’t necessarily have to go to the Arab world, but a lot closer, somewhere in Italy, in Sicily – Palermo to be more precise. I am talking about a very unusual, yet very famous hotel in Sicily that is well known for its special design that makes it very much similar with an Arabian house. View in gallery

It is called the Abali Gran Sultanato Hotel and all the rooms in it are specially arranged so as to suggest an Arab atmosphere and to look like a harem.

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Unlike the Western modern style which is minimalist and comfortable, but uses only two or three colours – generally dark, this hotel is a lot different. The oriental influence is visible here and all the rooms are arranged in very strong colours, with a lot of furniture and very large comfortable beds, usually with a drape hanging over it, just like in the old stories with Scheherazade. The rooms are a bit too “crowded ” for my taste, but those who like this style will be delighted to find a piece of the Sultans way so far in the west.