A Unique Raisin-Colored Sofa

Sofas are definitely among the most important furniture pieces we all have at home, no matter the size, model or color. It does not matter if it is the place to sleep, watch TV, read your favorite book, just chat with your best friend or all these together; it makes you feel at ease and enjoy every single moment spent at home.

Once you see the Kilim Sofa, you get to like it because you realize it is simple, with its mid-century lines, attractive with its pleasant color and this is not everything. The exotic finish reveals the interesting low profile and the solid mango wood-frame. The name of “Kilim sofa” is related to the material it was made of, a flat tightly hand-woven cotton rug colored as a raisin.

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Besides, the geometric pattern, the solid wood frame and legs with their black finish turn this into a rare and unusual piece of furniture that you would like to have. It perfectly fits into a simple pattern and the mid-century air remembers the past and recalls the passage of time, with all the beautiful moments that life provides. It is that kind of thing that is difficult to leave behind, as it is too precious and too important and occupies an important place not only in the house, but also in people’s lives and hearts. Available for 949$.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on September 1, 2011

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