A Trendy Color Combo: Grey And Yellow, Perfect For Both Bold And Serene Interiors

Each color is unique in its own way. They all express something unique and they each have characteristics that no other color can replicate. But sometimes one color is simply not enough to express exactly what you want and to create the atmosphere you want. For that you have to combine.The possibilities of combining all the colors are amazing and they open up a whole new dimension. There are combos out there that capture the essence of a décor and take it to a completely new level.

Chic bedroom with a white and grey décor and small yellow touches

But these combinations of color are not always successful. Some are better than others. Some are better at expressing passion and affection while others are cold and a little more detached. Depending on what you’re wishing to achieve, the colors you need to use are different.

Inviting modern bedroom with soft yellow curtains and playful patterned wallpaper

Stylish and simple master bedroom with a grey background and a bold yellow accent dresser

Contemporary guest bedroom with a beautifully balanced yellow and grey interior

Warm and inviting dining room with yellow and grey accent walls and contrasting accessories

For example, the yellow and grey combo is a very interesting one. One color is a neutral and the result of combining black and white, the two timeless shades that never cease to be elegant and bold. The other one is the color of the sun, a very bold and vibrant tone but still a soft shade.

Minimalist contemporary kitchen with a white background and grey and yellow accents

Bright and sunny living room with bold yellow accents and soft grey touches

Modern living room with rich textures, various grey shades and bold yellow accents

Very bright studio living room with a light yellow and grey interior décor

Eclectic dining room with rich patterns, a white and grey background and bold yellow chairs

The intensity of both colors is important and can influence the final result in many different ways. A pale yellow combined with a soft grey results in a calming and serene décor, perfect for bedrooms. A bold shade of yellow combined with a darker grey becomes a stronger mix and would look beautiful in the living room. But it all depends on the personal preferences. Let’s take a look at a few interiors featuring this exact combination of colors and see the results.

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Published by in Interiors, on October 24th, 2012


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