A Splendid Ombre Stained Dresser

There are things that we might consider them too old or out of fashion. Usually we do not pay them too much attention when we throw them and thus we get rid of some wonderful objects that still can be useful to us. Think of the old wardrobes, the vintage dressers or the out of fashion sofas or chairs which can be transformed into great items after some reconditioning and some painting. All these pieces can become excellent materials for some new items and become useful again.

The same thing happened to Julia from 551 East Design who transformed an old dresser into a gorgeous piece of furniture using some various shades of wood stain. The ombre technique she has used gave this old dresser a new appearance which cannot be compared with the use of some usual paint. Actually the owner of this dresser whom Julia has bought the dresser was very happy to hear the choice that Julia made using some shades of wood stain instead if paint.

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The result was amazing and splendid. The dresser looks great in different nuances of colors from a yellow nuance, going to red, dark red and finally black. Each drawer has its own nuance and thus it becomes to be used very easily. The technique used by Julia preserves the beauty and warmth of wood and creates a piece of furniture which can be great for any bedroom interior design. Thus the new dresser gets a new refreshing look which will impress everyone who will notice the transformation.

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Posted in DIY Projects on January 11, 2012

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