A short list of closet styles. Which one do you prefer?

We all like our home to look nice and organized. We like our clothes, accessories and shoes to be stored in a closet, out of sight but still easy to find. But we all have different ideas when it comes to choosing a closet style. Some people prefer walk-in closets while others enjoy the armoires more. Each type has its own characteristics. So which one do you prefer?

Walk-in closets.

Contemporary walk-in closet with a central island

Long walk-in closet with plenty of storage along the walls

Stylish and contemporary walk-in closet with large windows and a vanity

Spacious walk-in closet packed with drawers and storage compartments

An elegant walk-in closet featuring wooden furniture and a beautiful vanity

Walk-in closets are very popular and they’re often perceived as the dream closet. However, they take a lot of space and sometimes they even occupy an entire room. Of course, the main advantage is the fact that you get to store everything beautifully and you don’t have to worry about space anymore.

Reach-in closets.

Contemporary reach-in closet hidden behind sliding doors

Modern and spacious reach-in closet featuring matte glass doors

Reach-in closet packed with drawers, shelves and storage compartments

Modern reach-in closet featuring folding white doors

Reach-in closet at the entry featuring folding doors and lots of storage compartments

Reach-in closets are also interesting because they resemble a small portion of a walk-in closet. They include various storage solutions such as poles, drawers, compartments and open shelves. They are all combined in a way that allows you to basically neatly store everything inside without occupying much space. In a way, it could be considered a very condensed version of the walk-in closet.

Wardrobes and armoires.

Minimalist black and white contemporary bedroom featuring a stunning wardrobe

Modern bedroom featuring an elegant wardrobe with pull-out shelves

Modern bedroom closet with a simple and elegant design

Serene and modern master bedroom featuring ample wardrobe space behind white doors

Contemporary bedroom featuring a platform bed and a spacious storage closet

Of course, we can’t forget about the classical armoires and wardrobes. They are among the most common types of closets and they are usually found in bedrooms. They can also be very practical and they offer plenty of storage solutions, from regular shelves to pull-out shelves, poles, baskets and different-sized compartments.

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