A new perspective over desks & maps with Ikea furniture

We all have in mind images of how we would like our home to look like and we look for all sort of original ideas in order to have something different. Each house in general and each object in particular can add a touch of personality to a space. Ikea is famous in the field of furniture pieces and design; they come up with all kinds of new elements, no matter if it refers to shape, color, size and even to decorative objects.

The new idea they came up with is something very interesting: to cut out some vintage maps and put them on the front part of an assembled desk’s drawers. If at a first “sight” nothing seems out of common, once you have the general picture, you realize the difference. Nothing compares to this image; it is so nice and colorful and the decoupaged desk looks so good that you cannot believe that such an idea can turn into something so great!

View in gallery

View in gallery

The colors on the map are the perfect splash of color for the desk in particular and for the entire room in general. It definitely makes you smile and feel in the mood when you see such a thing; it is so inviting and comforting, just as a book that you really enjoy and do not want to leave from your hand. The maps are looking so good and everything is so joyful, that not only children will like, but also you and the other members of the family!{found on findinghomeonline}.