A few useful ideas that can help you turn your garden into a refreshing oasis

Gardens are always beautiful. And the greatest thing about them is that, if you’re patient and enjoy taking care of them, they can be beautiful all year long. All you have to do is find species of plants and even trees that bloom in around the same period of the year. This way you can make sure that, when one wave of flowers disappears, another one appears. Your garden will be a refreshing oasis. Here are a few tops that can help you achieve that.

The key is to be ingenious. So don’t be afraid to experiment and to repurpose things. For example, you can grab some tools and turn them into original garden decorations. A few well-worn garden tools can be easily fastened together into a teepee for climbing plants. It’s inexpensive and it’s quite eye-catching.

Another interesting idea would be to create a lovely shaded garden getaway for the summer days. It’s another great DIY project and it’s not difficult either. You need a papas an chair base that, when inverted, will serve as a place to hang curtains panels. Put a table and a few chairs underneath it and you get a lovely and romantic shaded spot.

It would be great to have a huge garden. But it’s not always the case. So if you wish to create more depth to your garden, a simple and ingenious solution would be to place a mirror in between some of the plants. Be careful though because it can be really annoying if the sun touches it so make sure you find the right spot.

All the ideas so far are great but they mostly refer to the seasons blooming with flowers and vegetation. Don’t be worried because we have something for the winter as well.These votive holders will add sparkle to your snow-covered garden and they will also make the whole landscape seem more cheerful and less depressing. They can be made with flexible plastic bottles and some leaves frozen in the form.

And since the entrance is considered by some the most important part of any space since it creates the first impression, it would be a good idea to welcome your guests with something really beautiful. Use heavy-duty metal rods to create an archway entrance and use climbing plants to decorate it.

The rest of the garden shouldn’t be neglected either. So make a nice center piece or accent piece. We have a great idea for one that is easy to make and inexpensive as well. You can make it from common materials found in the garden such as driftwood.

If your garden has a fountains but it’s no longer usable, don’t feel blue because it still has potential. It can still be a great accent piece even though it has lots of cracks. You can turn it into a charming planter. You can even recreate the look of water but with plants that spill over the edges.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 27th, 2012


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