A Few Tricks to Make the Flowers in the Vase Last Longer

A very simple and effective method of bringing a new plus to the design of a room is a vase full of fresh flowers in the middle of the table or on the desk or even on some other piece of furniture. They are beautiful, no matter what kind of flowers you choose and you can find them easily. In this season you can even go for a walk in the fields in the countryside and get a nice bunch of wild flowers for decorating your living room.

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However, most of the times these flowers wither soon and you need to throw them in the garbage pretty soon. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your flowers in the vase last longer:

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1. The first and most important piece of advice is to try and always buy flowers from the garden or from the people cultivating them directly and not from the flower shop where they are treated with special substances used for conserving them.

2. Make sure the vase or bowl you place the flowers in is properly cleaned so as to avoid making the water dirty and a good home for bacteria.

3. The water in the vase must be at room temperature because if the water is cold the flowers will last less.

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4. Make a diagonal cut in the flower strain in order to ensure a bigger surface for hydrating it. It is also a good idea to remove all leaves from the portion about to be introduced in water, as this, too, favours bacteria to appear and this shortens the flowers life.

5. The flowers will last longer if you put a teaspoonful of sugar or an aspirin in the water and change the water in the recipient every day.

6. One last thing: do not place the vase of flowers in a dark place, but in a sunny one, avoiding the direct action of the sun on them.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on May 29, 2011

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2 Responses to “A Few Tricks to Make the Flowers in the Vase Last Longer”

  • Great advice Loredana! Ordering long lasting ans resilient flowers like Chrysanthemums and carnations also helps!

  • Peyalicious Floral design says:

    A capful of Bleach sounds harsh but works wonders…for bulb flowers such as tulips, very little water, cold with a few pennies in the water. They thrive off the copper.