A few suggestions of interior designs featuring the stylish Platner chair

The Platner chair is one of those pieces of furniture that rest independent of the notion of time. It has a timeless design. The Platner Collection was designed in 1962 by Warren Platner who decided to turn his attention to steel wire furniture. The armchair is a particularly beautiful piece that has a modern look even today. It comes in a range of upholstery options and it’s made of metal components with a bright nickel finish and a clear lacquer coating.Available from $2,400.

One of the advantages that such a beautiful and timeless piece of furniture comes with is the fact that it can be included in a variety of different interior decors. Here are a few examples.

Given the variety of upholstery options, the Platner chair can be easily introduced in a décor by opting for colors that match the rest of the room. For example, in this case we have two such chairs with yellow upholstery placed in the vicinity of an accent wall featuring the same color.

The same goes for more neutral colors such as black. The black or dark brown versions of the Platner chair look particularly elegant and they also tend to have a subtle dramatic look. They work well in environments featuring similar colors or in spaces where contrast is the star of the décor.

The variety of upholstery colors can also be used to make the chairs stand out. For example, here we have a stylish wine cellar where the Platner chairs stand out with their beautiful lavender shade. They were used as accent pieces and they complement well the décor.

Of course, monochromatic interior are not a problem either. This beautiful beige living room has a very bright and warm look. Since color is not something that can be used to point out certain elements, it’s only the design of the Platner chair that makes it stand out.

White upholstery can also be very refreshing. In this case it’s an especially good choice because it contrasts with the chair’s frame and the result is a simple but stylish combination. Notice that the same combination of colors can be seen on the stairs and partially in the case of the bright rug against the dark floor.

A more vibrant color usually serves as a great accent feature for any interior. Here we have a lovely living room where yellow is the accent color. It was used the accent wall but also for some of the furniture, including the elegant Platner chairs.

This is actually a private suite from a hotel. It includes features the elegant Platner chairs and this further proves that these timeless pieces of furniture are also very versatile. They are great in living rooms, dining rooms, offices, wine cellar and, as we can see here, in hotels as well.

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Published by in Sofa and Chair, on September 28th, 2012


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