A few more kitchen backsplash ideas and suggestions

A while ago we presented you a top with 10 DIY kitchen backsplash ideas. Those were all inspiring but, in the meantime, we found some more. These are not necessarily DIY designs but they can be turned into such a project if you really like the idea. So here they are:

1. Rustic counter-to-ceiling backsplash.

Even though, normally, a backsplash goes from the counter to the bottom of the wall cabinet, this is not necessarily the only case. If you want to protect the area above the sink or stove, you can opt for a backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling. You can use porcelain tiles in a color that matches the rest of the kitchen and get a beautiful, uniform look.

2. Glass tile backsplash.

If you want something simple, somewhere between traditional and modern and something that’s also easy to clean and to maintain, then you should orient towards glass tiles. Use them to create a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen and allow them to connect both modern and traditional elements and a stylish look for this room.

3. Horizontal lines.

Since in the kitchen you need lots and lots of storage spaces, you can take this opportunity to also play with textures, lines and shapes. For example, you can install horizontal paneling behind vertical cupboards and you can create a simple backsplash that still manages to stand out thanks to its simple pattern, clean lines and beautiful color.

4. Vertical lines.

If you want to create the impression of a higher ceiling and to also use pattern in your kitchen design, you can use vertical panels to create the backsplash. These lines will allow it to stand out and, if you also use matching furniture, the image will be uniform and cohesive. You can also make the backsplash match the ceiling and create a connection through color.

5. Stacked pebbles.

If you want a more original décor for your kitchen, you can try to make the backsplash the star of the design. For example, you can create a very interesting and eye-catching backsplash by using pebbles and staking them on the wall. The result will be a natural, stylish and original look. You can either choose to ground the stones or leave them as such for a more natural appearance.

6. Penny tile focal point.

Another simple way of making the backsplash the focal point of your kitchen is to use eye-catching patterns. For example, this penny tile backsplash is simple and yet it immediately stands out. The glazed tile comes in sheets and it’s easy to install. Since the pattern is already eye-catching, it would be best to choose a neutral color, perhaps something light so that the pattern can be the star of the design.

7. Contrasting black travertine.

Lots of interior decors are based on contrast. In the kitchen, it’s quite easy to do that since you have so many possibilities. A very simple one is to use a backsplash is a strong color that contrasts with the cabinetry. For example, if the kitchen furniture is white, beige or features a light color, a black travertine backsplash would be perfect.

8. Colorful backsplash.

The majority of kitchen furniture and appliances come in neutral colors. This starts a whole process based on similar colors and, as a result, most kitchens lack color. But there’s an easy way of introducing color into your kitchen. The backsplash would be one possibility and then there are also all the accessories. If you use bold colors such as green, blue or yellow you’ll create a beautiful focal point and, more than that, you can also satisfy your concern for the environment by using tiles made from recycled glass.

9. Classical beauty.

Sometimes it’s also nice to go with the classics. For example, a white tiles backsplash and matching cabinets and furniture would be perfect to create a bright, clean and stylish kitchen décor. Everything looks fresh and elegant and the style is a mix between modern and vintage.

10. Artistic beauty.

If you like to be organized then you should consider creating multiple activity zones in your kitchen. This residence gives a great example. The area that includes the sink is the cleaning zone while the one with the oven is the prep and cooking zone. To make them more distinguishable, different backsplash types were used. The colorful one is particularly beautiful because of its artistic look.

11. Modern elegance.

A modern kitchen is usually characterized by few, simple and clean lines, an overall cohesive and fluid décor and very few decorative elements. But the backsplash is an element for which most of these rules don’t apply. It’s a space where texture can be used for contrast and where pattern is almost a must-have.

12. Framed backsplash.

In a kitchen featuring an overall simple design with minimalist cabinetry and countertops, the backsplash can be used as a way to introduce pattern and color. To make the kitchen feel more inviting and cozy, you can create a framed backsplash with warm colors and a rustic look. It’s a rather traditional style but it can be a beautiful focal point.

13. Shiny metal backsplash.

If the décor allows you, you can also add a little sophistication to your kitchen by using shiny metal backsplash tiles. In this example they integrate beautifully into the décor thanks to the black cabinetry and overall strong look. A metal backsplash is quite unusual but it adds glamour and style to the kitchen.

14. Mosaic backsplash.

In an almost all-white kitchen, a tiny mosaic backsplash can be an opportunity to add pattern and texture while maintaining the overall simple look and without interfering with the minimalism of the décor. Of course, the color of the backsplash should also be white but you can also choose a different color if you wish to create contrast.

Picture sources: first 8 pictures from bhg,10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Published by in Kitchen, on October 4th, 2012


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