A few creative and inventive ways to upcycle a bicycle

Being able to take something old and useless and to turn it into something beautiful that you can once again enjoy is very satisfying and rewarding. It’s why upcycling is very fun. There are lots of things that you can reuse and repurpose. Most often, they include simple items that everyone has. For example, you can use an old bicycle to make some real great new items. Here are a few examples.

One item that you can make from bike parts is an outdoor chandelier. It’s not a very complicated project. This one, for example, is made from trash, discarded bike parts and spray paint. It’s simple and, most important of all, it’s original and unique.{found on flyingpuppy}.

It might seem odd but you can also use some old bike parts to make something useful for the kitchen. This pot rack was made using a bicycle wheel, a chain ring, a few s hooks, a metal ring, three metal hangers, a strong twine and a ceiling hook. It’s very practical and it also adds an unexpected and fun touch to the kitchen.{found on whittleddown}.

This airplane mobile is also made from bike parts. Here’s how you can make a similar one. First of all, find some old comic books. Glue the comics to both sides of a thicker card stock paper, cut it in half for three larger airplanes and into 1/4ths for the smaller ones. Fold them into airplanes while the glue is still wet and let them dry. Spray paint the wheel if you want and attach the airplanes.{found on laurenclarksblog}.

If you’re feeling particularly creative and wish to show the world your talent, you can make a sculpture for your garden or yard and display it for everyone to see. This bike wheel trellis is a very ingenious idea. It’s very easy to make. You just need to attach the bike wheels to a wooden post. The more imperfect they each look the better.{found on kvpermaculture}.

If you have an old bike that’s still in fairly good condition but that you no longer use, you can turn it into a planter for the garden or porch. It’s a project that allows you to use the entire bike and it’s a quite popular idea as well. You just need to attach some planters to the bike and to find a nice place to put it. It needs to be secure. You can paint it first if you’d like.{found on smallgoodhearth}.

Another great and very simple project that also uses a bicycle rim is this clock. The rim would make a great base for the clock. You just need to add the hands and the mechanism. You can paint the rim first if you want and if it’s damaged or missing some spokes you should fix it and replace everything before you start the project.{found on instructable}.

Here’s another great project for the kitchen. The supplies needed are a bicycle wheel, fiberboard, paint, screw-in rubber feet, a washer, a hex bolt, a lock nut and acrylic Plexiglas cut into a ring. First loosen the bolt in the center of the wheel and remove it, add a rag, clean the wheel and the tire. Then use a jigsaw to cut a circle out of the fiberboard for the base. It should be smaller than the wheel. Paint the base and you’re done.{found on readymade}.

You can also use an old bicycle wheel to make a nice decoration for your home. For example, you can use it to attach and display pictures. The idea is very simple. You just have to find a bicycle wheel, clean it and then attach some pictures to it using clothespins. You could also paint the wheel if you want.{found on site}.

Here’s a more elaborate project. For this one you need not one but two bicycles. You’ll be using them to make a base for a table. All you need are the wheels so they should have the same dimensions and design. Find a way to attach them to the frame of a table and you’ll get a lovely display space for decorations or a great serving tray that you can move around.

Published by in DIY Projects, on November 13th, 2012


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