A Castle made from a Church

It requires great skills to convert a structure like that of a church into a wonderful castle. Priscilla Glover and Ivan Spaller working with Urban Nature Inc. did this smart work. The initial decision was to modernize the old style church from 1925 and for this the firm used rocks and rolls leaving some old style behind.


It’s not easy to turn a church into a castle. Actually, it’s not easy to turn a church into anything but a church because it has a very definite style and structure. But with a lot of effort and sufficient financial resources, plus a nice team of architects, all of that is possible. This structure was one a church, a very old one, from 1925. The architects and designers managed to work together and to completely transform this structure while still preserving some of the old features and pieces.




A results are exceptional. It really looks like an authentic castle, and unless someone tells this was once a church I don’t think it would ever cross your mind. But while the exterior is exceptional, the interior is even more amazing. There’s a royal atmosphere everywhere you look. Everything in there was chosen carefully to match the theme. The attention to details is amazing. I don’t think anyone could have done a greater job. Check out the pictures to convince yourself.