22 Decorative Bird Cages – Repurposed And Improved

Bird cages are interesting home accessories and have a ton of other functions apart from the main one. In other words, they’re not just for birds. Decorative bird cages can be used as accessories around the house and can be turned in all sorts of fun and unique accent pieces, including light fixtures, centerpieces or planters.

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Tufted Stuff For Decorating and Furnishing the House

Tufted furniture is sophisticated and sweet, delicate and charming and can be quite bold and modern in style as well. It’s versatile and a bit luxurious, and we’re huge advocates of using these accents and pieces around the house to furnish and decorate. From headboards to sofas, let’s take a look at some beautiful, real-life rooms using tufted stuff to inspire and transform!

1. Tufted Desk Chair.

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Practical Closet Lighting Ideas That Brighten Your Day

Closets and storage spaces in general, besides being packed full with stuff, are also dark and gloomy, making organization more difficult. Finding practical ways to light a closet is always a challenge, regardless of its dimensions. We gathered a bunch of ideas that will hopefully inspire you.

LED lighting.

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20 Fantastic Bedroom Color Schemes

The colors of a space probably have the largest initial impact on how you feel in that space. Are the colors soft and dreamy? Are they bold and vibrant? Are they muted and serene? The bedroom is a wonderful place to introduce a color scheme that fits the mood you want to feel most while you’re there. This is different for everyone, but the concepts behind selecting the bedroom color palette are pretty standard.

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1-Hour Saw Horse Craft Table

When I recently began researching craft tables for our new place, I quickly realized that there aren’t a ton of clean, modern craft table options out there–especially ones with a taller height to comfortably accommodate standing while crafting. (Because let’s be serious, crafting is not always a sitdown hobby!) So I decided to take matters into my own hands and modify pre-made components to create a spacious, modern craft desk.

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Mountain Cabin Overflowing With Rustic Character And Handcrafted Beauty

Not exactly imposing in stature but packed full with natural design accents and rustic elements, this mountain cabin located in the Martis Camp development in California and designed by Walton Architecture features so many marvelous elements it’s hard to even pinpoint the dominant style.

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Easy Crafts That Illustrate The Fascinating Power Of Washi Tape

There are tons of ways in which you can add color to your home with DIY washi tape projects.  They range from very simple to very complex, from cute and colorful to minimalist and elegant and they’re all really fun to try. The next 13 washi tape crafts are super simple and you can complete them in just a few minutes.

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