Black and White Décor Brought Together By Bits Of Yellow

At the heart of any décor are the same simple elements and colors which, when combined, result in unique and spectacular designs. Black and white and the two most basic and simple colors but this doesn’t mean that they can’t create a stunning and interesting décor. It’s exactly what this apartment in Poland shows us, designed by Kasia Orwat.

This apartment has a very limited color palette. Black and white take the center stage but the occasional yellow and green details take it over the top.

But even though the contrasts are strong, pure white and black elements are quite rare here. If you look closer, it’s actually a dark shade of gray which is the main color in this case.

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Cobalt Blue & Why Home Decor Loves It

Cobalt blue. It’s that mysteriously energizing shade between indigo and royal blue that is everywhere these days. What is it about this color that makes it work so well in various styles and spaces? Its versatility makes cobalt as at home in luxe, sophisticated spaces as in kids’ rooms; in large whole-room doses or a tiny punch of color on a shelf.

Let’s check out how cobalt blue effectively and stylistically impacts home décor in a variety of ways.

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DIY Typographic Pillows

Pillow cases are generally pretty boring. That’s fine sometimes, but if you’re looking to add a little bit of graphic interest to your bedding, adding some type to your pillow cases can be a great option. Here’s an easy tutorial to help you easily customize your cases with the words and designs of your choice.

typographic pillows

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How To Creatively Use Chalkboard Paint Around The House

Blackboards or chalkboard walls are very versatile and can be used functionally but also for decorative purposes. You can integrate them in every room of the house even take them outdoors. Use them for writing messages on, notes, recipes, grocery lists, draw something beautiful on them or let the kids doodle and have fun with them. Wherever you decide to have such a feature, there are numerous different ways in which to use it and we have compiled a list of examples and ideas for you to take a look at.

At the entryway.

A framed blackboard can make a lovely decoration for your home’s entryway

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Nature-Inspired Beauty – How To Use River Stones In DIY Projects

River stones are so versatile and there are so many beautiful things you can do with them, from decorations to garden landscaping. What makes these stones so beautiful is the fact that they’re smooth and shaped by the water. Also, they have the perfect dimensions for a variety of lovely projects. For example:

Succulent Planter.

Make a beautiful succulent planter and bring spring into your home, even if the plants aren’t real. You’ll need faux succulent plants, a flower pot or bowl, paint and river stones. Have fun with the project but remember that simplicity is often more powerful than anything.{found on lizmarieblog}.

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Silver Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiration

Glittering and sparkle, silver is all about the dusting of glamour. And you can certainly dress your kitchen in something with that much beauty and bold femininity. Create a place of mystery and fashion by dipping and accenting your kitchen in some silver hues. Let’s take a peek at several inspiration silver kitchens and see if one strikes your fancy!

1. Classic Steel.

You can never go wrong with accenting your kitchen with beautiful, glistening stainless steal appliances. It will give any style kitchen the right kind of silvery accents.

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Geometric Design in Outdoor Spaces

The innate wildness of nature – think prairie thunderstorms, ocean waves, desert sand dunes, and mountain forests – is inspiring at a deep level. While we can and do appreciate the beauty of nature, many of us prefer a bit of structure in our own outdoor spaces.

Structure, that is, and style.

Which is the perfect jumping-off point for incorporating a bit of geometric design into your outdoor space. Geometric shapes and patterns are classic, timeless, and orderly…and they look amazing against a natural backdrop.

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