Homedit: Celebrating Six Years of Home Design Excellence and Inspiration

Six years ago, Homedit.com came into existence in cyberspace. As with most things in life, Homedit began with a dream to celebrate beautiful home design, both architectural and interior, and to help people identify their personal style and create spaces that they love. Six years, 230,000 Facebook Fans, 42,000 Pinterest Fans, and almost 3,000 Twitter followers later, Homedit is undoubtedly making a difference in the home style and design of individuals across the globe.

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DIY Charging Dock

Getting bogged down with cords? This little dock helps to organize your devices and provides the perfect spot to charge your phone. A great addition to your night stand or office!

DIY charging station box

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14 Last-Minute Ways to Style Your Haunted Halloween Mantle

Halloween is here! The hour of ghouls and goblins and little people running about in the dark dressed as Superman and Snow White. Your porch is probably decked out in wispy webs and glowing pumpkins. I’m sure there are bowls of candy corn sitting around your home (or not, if you’ve eaten them already…). Even your dog probably has his costume ready to go.

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Timeless Herringbone Pattern in Home Décor

Herringbone” is a pattern with a distinctive “V” shape. It originated as a weaving pattern (think twill fabric), but herringbone has become a hot pattern for a variety of home designs and styles. It slightly differs from chevron in that the herringbone pattern breaks at each section’s reversal, whereas chevron is a continuous zigzag.

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Hot Air Balloon – Inspired Decorations That Will Take You To Cloud Nine

Ever been in a hot air balloon? What a wonderful feeling that is! Hot air balloons are a symbol of freedom and they also spark our imagination and creativity. This makes a really cool source of inspiration in the case of the sphere of interior design. Hot air balloon decorations and decors can take a lot of forms, all revolving around the same symbol.

Inspiring nursery designs.

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Australian Home Features A Modern Aesthetic With Edwardian Roots

It’s a bit hard to believe this is an Edwardian house when you first lay eyes on the stunning, sculptural facade. The Brick House is located in Prahran, Victoria, in Australia and belongs to architect Clare Cousins and her family. Her practice, Claire Cousins Architects (CCA) completed the project in 2011.

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Cool Desks That Make You Love Your Job

Did you know that changing your desk also changes the way you work? Or that if you spend a day at someone else’s desk changes your workflow? The environment you work in affects you in ways you don’t even realize. In other words, if you have a really cool desk with cool features then the task you’re working on and your job in general will become a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. But let’s exemplify this concept and take a look at some really cool desks.

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