9 Feng Sui Cures for Your House

Here are the nine celestial cures will bring good Feng Shui to your house and happiness into your life.

1. Lights and mirrors – These include all kinds of reflectors and lights. Lamps, chandeliers, candles, shiny ribbons and most reflective surfaces are a cure, and sparkling clear quartz crystals play a huge part. Everyone knows a dark entrance to a house makes visitors feel gloomy — adding a new light brings great Feng Shui

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2. Goldfish – Worldwide, Feng Shui experts use this most powerful cure to add harmonious energy. That’s why you will often see a fish tan]: in dentists’ waiting rooms.

3. Pets – Your lovable dog or cat is actually good for you. Is it any wonder that pets of any kind, whether furred or feathered, instantly increase harmonious energy?

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4. Plants and flowers – These will enliven any room. Place under a staircase, a green plant helps healthy qi life energy rise to the next floor.

5. Color – This provides a quick way to transform a room with bad energy. Beware of all-white exteriors and interiors —these can drain energy and signify mourning, unless you add splashes of bright color.

6. Moving items – Fountains, wind vanes, mobiles, windmills and even grandfather clocks fit into this category. Cures that move in a harmonious circular direction invite still better Feng Shui — that’s why rotary overhead fans are terrific.

7. Heavy objects – Try adding large wooden screens, statues or sculptures to your home — these either block or deflect unwanted or rapid energy. Statues can also be effectively used to rebalance uneven shapes, such as an L-shaped house. –

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8. Harmonious sounds – These can include tinkling bells, wind chimes, birdsong, running water, wind whispering through bamboo or trees, or even humming insects. When you hang a wind chime in your home, you introduce harmony, spirit and motion.

9. Musical instruments – Placed anywhere in your home, flutes give spiritual protection. While bamboo flutes are among the oldest instruments in the world, today you can select flutes made from glass, wood, silver and even crystal.