8 Ways To Use Webs For Halloween!

Halloween is coming and so are all the creepy, crawly candy treats and spidery decor! But really, what better way is there to celebrate Halloween without some spider webs dawning your hallways and porches? If you’re wanting to decorate the house for Halloween and you’re thinking about using some cobwebs to help spook the kiddos coming to trick-or-treat, allow us to give you some fun ideas on how to utilize all those webs you’ve been stocking up with!

1. Cover all the outdoor plants.

To give your home that haunted house vibe, cover all your plants with cobwebs! Add some plastic spiders and glow-in-the-dark, oversized bugs and you’ve got a Halloween decorated masterpiece!

2. Cover the dinner table.

To really give your Halloween guests a creepy fright, cover the food table with bouts of cobweb. It’ll be one heck of a “haunted” feast!

3. Cover the mantle.

Find some candelabras or some tall candlesticks, add some cobwebs and VOILA! It’s a haunted house centerpiece!

4. Cover the chandelier.

Whether you create a makeshift light fixture or you’ve already got a beautiful chandelier in your home. Cover it with cobwebs, add some spiders … it’s the ultimate old-age, haunted house style!

5. Cover the ceiling.

Well, maybe not cover the ceiling. But drape them from the ceiling for a super spooky vibe. The thicker they are, the better!

6. Cover your mats.

Okay, not all your webs need to be thrown over surfaces, you can also buy decor with the web emblem. Maybe a cute little mat to bring in the Halloween spirit instead of anything being too showy.

7. Cover the porch.

To really frighten your dressed-up trick-or-treaters, cover your porch with these creepy crawlers and thick cobwebs. It’ll give a very eery feeling and give each of your guests a spook.

8. Cover your trees.

Give your house a little different decor but dress up your trees! To really create a Halloween theme, pay attention to every detail.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 25th, 2012


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