8 Ways To Place Your Original Outdoor Jacuzzi

Everybody likes Jacuzzis. They can be a great source of relaxation and they can be placed just about anywhere. Indoor Jacuzzis are very common. However, it’s a whole new experience when you are able to enjoy it outdoors. If you already have one or if you’re planning on getting one but you’re having trouble finding the right location, we’re here to help. Here are 8 ways in which you can use your Jacuzzi to create a unique décor.

Elegant Outdoor jacuzzi

Outdoor Jacuzzi protected by the privacy of the nearby forest

Elegant Outdoor jacuzzi

Jacuzzi placed on a wooden deck with views of the forest and the distant buildings

1. First let’s start with J-345. This spacious beauty would be a very nice choice for a family of four that likes to spend time and relax together. Notice how elegant this model looks. It’s the design that also inspired its owners to choose the deck as a location. This is actually a pretty common choice, especially in residences situated in a private location, like for example near a forest and where you can enjoy a hot bath and a massage without worrying about unwanted visitors.

Outdoor terrace surrounded by beautiful vegetation and landscape

Outdoor Jacuzzi beautifully integrated into the corner of the terrace

Jacuzzi on an open terrace with protected lounge areas

2. Here’s the same model but in a different location. This one has been placed in the corner of an outdoor terrace. The location is private and surrounded by vegetation so it was a convenient choice. In this case It’s especially nice the fact that you can relax and enjoy your Jacuzzi after which you can got straight to the terrace and enjoy a cold drink or maybe have a bite to eat. It’s also a great attraction during parties or gatherings.

Outdoor gazebo placed in the corner, housing a Jacuzzi

Se-mi private Jacuzzi covered by the gazebo yet still out in the open

A Jacuzzi pavilion with trees and vegetation that offer it privacy

3. If having a Jacuzzi in plain view is that exactly what you had in mind, here’s another idea. Build a special pavilion, like a gazebo for more privacy. This will also provide you with a roof just in case the weather decides to turn its back on you. I have to say that this seems like a very attractive idea.

Jacuzzi outdoor

Small, private gazebo in the rear garden, surrounded by grass and vegetation

Jacuzzi outdoor

Jacuzzi placed in a closed outdoor gazebo for extra privacy from the neighbors

Jacuzzi outdoor

Small gazebo enclosed on three sides, housing a Jacuzzi

4. And just in case that wasn’t enough or if the location of your home or the neighbors require special measures, here’s another idea of a gazebo, this time with a closed design. Just choose a nice corner near you house and build yourself a private retreat for your Jacuzzi, somewhere where you can relax in peace and where you won’t bother or be bothered by anyone.

Outdoor Jacuzzi placed in the back yard, with a strategically-placed umbrella

Outdoor Jacuzzi with a tiny wooden deck built just for it

Backyard Jacuzzi placed under the windows and surrounded by beautiful landscape

5. If you’re lucky enough to own a spacious property with a large backyard and tall fences then you don’t have to worry about anyone but you. Here’s the same Jacuzzi model, this time placed in an open area surrounded by flowers and trees. In addition, a large outdoor umbrella in there just in case the sun decided to get on your nerves.

Outdoor Jacuzzi placed in a corner, with an umbrella to protect it from the sun

Outdoor Jacuzzi hidden between vegetation and protected by a fence

Relaxing outdoor Jacuzzi placed in a corner, far from the pool

6. Here’s the J-480 which is a similar Jacuzzi model. This one has also been placed among flowers and trees and it also has an umbrella nearby but the décor is definitely more crowded. However, it seems like a pretty nice location, like a tranquil area full of energy, ready to borrow you some.

Outdoor Jacuzzi sitting in the back garden with beautiful landscape

Garden Jacuzzi with a beautiful pathway connecting it to the house

7. J-375 seems to have a very privileged location in there, with a patch that leads straight to the Jacuzzi, with flowers and grass on each side and a small table and chair nearby. You’ll probably feel like in your own spa in there.

Outdoor Jacuzzi surrounded by vegetation and the lake

Jacuzzi raised on a stone platform, with expansive views of the lake

Outdoor Jacuzzi with a private lounge area, vegetation for privacy and nice views

8. And finally, here’s J-480, our last star. This beauty enjoys not only the satisfaction of being surrounded by nature but also the beautiful views over the lake. While relaxing in this Jacuzzi, you can almost feel the envy of those on the other side of the lake. J-480 is the ultimate in luxury hot tubs so you can be sure to be treated well.{pics found here}

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