8 Quick Ways To Use Baskets Around The House

Baskets are inexpensive, versatile and they come in all shapes, colors and designs. They great to use for storing, organizing and prettying up plenty of spaces around the house. Use them here, use them there … it’s all a matter of style and desire. Go thrifting or pick some up on sale, you can do more with them than you may think. Just scroll along and check out some adorable ways to adorn your home with these cuties!

1. Use them as wall decor.

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If you find some you’d like to display .. then do it. Baskets can be wall art too. Use bigger ones or a collage of multiples as a headboard or on the walls of your hallways.

2. Use them as under storage.

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Whether it’s under the bed or under the buffet, baskets are great for under storage. Gather up books, magazines and newspaper. Use your baskets to store all your reading materials in a stylish, tidier way.

3.Use them to accessorize.

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Try using unique baskets in different spaces to add personality. On top of dressers, in corners or gathered below the staircase are perfect places to bring in some extra charm and design.

4. Use them to organize in the bathroom.

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Smaller, dainty baskets are perfect for the bathroom. Use them under the sinks or in the drawers to organize and tidy up your toiletries.

5. Use them to store your towels.

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Hang them on the walls to keep things de-cluttered and store your towels. It adds something extra to the bathroom and keeps things off the floor and makes more room in the cabinets!

6. Use them to pot your flowers.

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Outside the house needs some style too! Use adorable baskets to pot your plants and add even more personality to your colorful florals.

7. Use them in the craft room.

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Like we said before, baskets are great for organization. Find some in some playful colors or patterns and store some of your craft supplies inside. They’re great for the office too.

8. Use them in the kitchen.

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If you find flat-back baskets or use some older bicycle baskets, them hang them up on the wall. Store fresh fruits or some of your kitchen utensils inside! It’ll definitely add a little something extra to the kitchen’s space and be quite useful when it’s time for the kiddos to grab a quick snack or you  need to find the spatula!