7 Ways To Utilize Chalkboard Labels

Chalkboard labels and paint are the new it item. Great for organization and for some funky pizazz, these little bits of simplicity can really make a difference around the house! Whether you make them yourself or buy a ton to cover every jar in the house, chalkboard labels are really a great way to refine and tidy up the most chaotic spaces. Scroll through all these ideas and see if you can utilize these little bits on something around your own home.

1. Organize the tools in the garage.

Whether it’s on pails, cans or boxes, using these labels in the garage is a must for organization. If you need to move the screwdrivers to a bigger box, just wipe off and rewrite whatever you replace them with. It’s an easy fix for a messy garage and even easier to rearrange. Hide your nails, screws, any tools and tapes  … then slap on a label!

2. Name the plants on the windowsill.

Do you use your green thumb inside the home? Maybe you’re growing a small herb garden on the windowsill in the kitchen? Use chalkboard labels to name each plant so you remember when it started to grow, the last time it was watered and what type of plant it is! Plus, these labels give off a bit of a rustic vibe which goes well with the organic beauty of homegrown herbs and flowers.

3. Use them as place cards or food labels when guests are over.

When family and friends arrive at the house for Sunday brunch or a holiday dinner, grab your DIY chalkboard labels! Add them into the tablescape by using them as place cards or use them on the buffet line to label the food. It’s playful, fun and reusable! So, it’s much less expensive than buying new place cards or labels for every get together your have throughout the year. Especially during the holidays!

4. Tag everything in the pantry.

You will get a whole lot of use out of these chalkboard labels by using them in the pantry. Yes, they’re reusable to if you need to fill that container with something new, all you need to do is wipe off what it says and write anew. But it’s a great way to stay organized! And when it comes to oats, batter, sugars, flours and anything you may need to cook and bake, it’s easier to have them labeled than sift through the entire cabinet trying to find the right bag.{found on site}.

5. Tidy the kids’ play room.

When it’s for the school and art supplies or their toys, use chalkboard labels to keep all their stuff organized. They can even have a great time writing on the labels themselves and practicing their letters and handwriting. You may even want to find larger labels for larger buckets and boxes for the bigger toys.

6. Decrease the mess in the craft room.

If you’re lucky enough to have a craft room, you may be unlucky enough to have a messy craft room. And all you need to fix that are some containers, jars and labels to capture the chaos. Grab some fun chalkboard labels (sometimes they even come in shapes and colors) and get to work tidying up!

7. Mellow out the home office.

The same goes for the home office. Don’t let piles of papers, bills and office supplies consume your desk. Throw away the trash, separate and label! These chalkboard pieces look great in any room of the house because they can blend with almost any theme. Rustic, chic, girly, eclectic or even super modern … they’re versatile!

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on November 14th, 2012


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