7 Ways To “Graveyard” Your Home For Halloween

Halloween is nothing without a fun theme to help decorate around. What is my fiance’s favorite? Ghosts! Which in turn makes me think of graveyards … and how fun to create a “graveyard” house and yard for all the little trick-or-treaters to explore and your guests to enjoy. Besides, who doesn’t think the cemetery is a little bit spooky? Especially after nightfall! Check out these fun finds and create a little graveyard mystery at your home this Halloween!

1. Tombstones all over the yard.

What’s a graveyard without some tombstones sprinkled about? You can buy these pretty much anywhere they sell seasonal decorations, or you could even create your own with some Styrofoam and paint! Scatter them around the yard to create a spooky “scene!”

2. Ghosts are invited.

What are we afraid to see in the graveyard? Ghosts, of course! Tatters and shred some old white sheets or cheesecloth and create eerie ghosts to welcome your nightly visitors. This is super easy to to and the kids will love it too!

3. Lit pumpkin trails.

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin or two? To really create a spooky atmosphere and that “lighting the way through the graveyard” feel, try adding tea lights to the inside of your carved pumpkins. They’ll help visitors find their way and add a certain Halloween-y ethos.

4. Add real lanterns.

If you really want to go all out, add real lanterns to each tombstone. They’ll give light so people can read who each of the “lost souls” are and add some eerie vibes.

5. Dangling Webs.

Use cheesecloth or torn sheets inside the house too. Cover doorways and hand them from the ceiling to give that haunted old, “been here for year” scary feel.

6. Blood dripping candles.

Another way to add more spook to the graveyard theme, long-stem candles (the kind that turns red when it melts would be ideal) lit up around the house. But remember we’re going for eerie and not romantic!

7. Is that a ghost inside?

They say all the spirits come out at Halloween. So, if your dressing your home to be more like a cemetery expect for some extra visitors. Use this DIY to create this amazing silhouette for the stairs, walls or some other unsuspecting nook of the house. It’s a bit spooky at first glance, your real visitors will be looking over their shoulder all night!{pics from martha}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 29th, 2012


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