7 Quick Tips For Using Striped Furniture

Stripes are extremely versatile and they’re a whole lot of fun when you have an opportunity to decorate with them. They can make rooms look longer, taller and bigger. They can make floors look deeper. And they can add an abundance of personality to even the smallest spaces. So, what happens when we take stripes off the walls and use them on our furniture instead? Let’s take a look at what this great pattern does when used on our couches and cushions … grab some inspiration and use some of these tips to create something wonderful in your home this week!

1. Bold statements in unusual places.

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Black and white, pink and chocolate, grey and turquoise … these rich, high-contrasting color combos are great to use in unsuspecting places. Try using  them on a comfy chair in a muted study or on a small set of cabinets in a monochromatic bathroom for some extra surprise and design.

2. Thick, masculine stripes in big spaces.

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Try using thicker stripes in neutral colors in your bigger spaces. It will bring in some masculine energy and be able to breath in an area that has more room.

3. Retro rad horizontal stripes just for you.

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Although stripes work well wherever and whenever, horizontal stripes give a retro rad, mod appeal and are perfect for your own bedroom. Find a great chair or loveseat to hide in the corner of your personal room so you can enjoy it all to yourself.

4. Pastel hues for some feminine charm.

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Try using lighter, flirtier colors on your striped furniture. It’ll add some girlish charm to the room and bring in quite the adorable touch.

5. Clean, homey lines create a clean, homey home.

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Sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics. Neutral colors and thinner lines make a homey home a little more cozy.

6. Just a hint can create more fashion-forward appeal.

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If you don’t want to overwhelm your furniture, you may want to find something that pays homage to the pattern without dipping into it completely. Using stripes in a subtle way creates a more chic, fashion-forward look.

7. Mix and match your textures and patterns.

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Stripes are the best pattern to mix with others. So, deciding to use other texture materials, colors and patterned furniture and linens with stripes is a great idea if you want to create an eclectic, playful room.

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