7 Fall-Inspired Ways To Decorate With Leaves

It’s fall! And what better way to bring in some autumn spirit than to decorate with some beautifully colored leaves? Sprinkled here, there and a little bit in the corners … leaves will bring in a romantic, ethereal flair to a more modern home and add even more charm to a comfy, cozy space. Take a look at all these, simple, yet stylish ways to use these bronze beauties in your home’s decor.

1. Cover a pumpkin.

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Using tissue paper, cut out leaf shapes and use decoupage glue to create a design. Cover the entire pumpkin or just make a banner, either way this creation would be great next to the fireplace, stairs, mantle or even out to greet guests on the front porch.

2. String a rope.

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Use real or fake leaves to create a simple garland. Trim the banister or the mantle with this easy little DIY project. It’s adorable, charming and definitely easy to make. And nothing says “fall” better than beautiful, organic leaves.

3. Frame then.

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Leaves look great as wall art. And it cannot get any simpler than finding a frame and sticking them inside. It’s an interesting way to decorate for autumn, but still super easy.

4. Put in a vase.

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Another way to add fall-flair within a simple two-step process, is to stick some leaves in a vase. Find a simple vase and real branches (or fake ones at a place like Hobby Lobby) and place them around the house to bring in pops of color.

5. Hang to dry.

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From a windowsill, hang up found leaves by string. The natural light from outside will only brighten the leaves’ innate colors. It’ll look a little wind chime-esque but it’ll also be a bit whimsy. Save the leaves after they’re completely dried and place them in a frame for next year!

6. Sew them on.

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Cut out some fabric leaves and create something magical. Grab an old, but favorite, throw blanket, pillow or comforter and update it! Sew on some of these fall appliques to give it an instant facelift.

7. In the center.

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Add leaves to any centerpiece on any table of your home for an instant autumn look. Sprinkle around the table runner, gather in a bowl or fill up a clear vase to give that cozy effect. Remember, you can always add some candles for a bit of romance too!

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