6 Easy and Economical Interior Decorating Ideas and Tips

We all would love to have the nicest things in our home but financial constraints make it hard for us to buy the things we truly love to have. Why not stretch your imagination a little and get creative? It’s amazing how simple it can be to make very attractive decorating items for your home without actually spending a fortune. Here are some inexpensive interior decorating ideas and tips.

1-          Bedspreads are always readily hemmed, meaning you can make great curtains from them pretty quickly. You simply pleat the top, stitch on the hooks and you are good to go. In case you use a heavy bedspread, ensure the curtain pole is sturdy enough to support the weight

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2-          The quickest way you can spruce up a room is to add a fresh coat of paint. You should factor in the size of the room that needs sprucing up, and the amount of natural light that gets inside before heading out to the shop to buy the paint. If you have a small room, go for bright colors on the walls to create the illusion of space, and accent the walls of a large room with a toned down color.

3-          Forget about pictures and mirrors on the walls to bring life to a room. Pictures introduce some personal touch to a home as well as brightening up the walls while mirrors will reflect interior lighting and create the illusion of space. Placement is all that matters here though meaning you shouldn’t hang a small mirror over a huge piece of furniture or a big mirror over a tiny piece of furniture as it will look out of balance and very odd.

4-          Another great way to change the feel and look of a room is through lighting. At times, as simple as the way the light is directed from a bulb can make all the difference in the world. for instance, if you have a lampshade that directs light downwards, change it for a shade which will project light upwards and see the instant change that this will create

5-          Do you have a solid coffee table with the top made of glass and want to liven it up a little? Why not put some collage of your favorite pictures, dried foliage and flowers, or even a piece of material that is in complete contrast with the décor beneath the table. This is very personal, looks extremely attractively, and what is more, you can change it as often as you would love to.

6-          In case you have dining room or living room furniture in dire need of a pick-me-up, or you simply need some change, purchase removable covers and fit them over the furniture, or you can even sew the covers yourself. There are helpful videos online which can teach you how to go about it.

These are only few of the many inexpensive interior decorating tips which you can try. Once your creative juices start flowing, rest assured you can come up with very many inexpensive decorative ideas.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on October 11, 2010

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